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Mysterious things that Excel can be used for

Microsoft Excel has been on the scene for a while now. We know we can use it to record petty cash, we have seen that we can use it for mathemtical calculaations, lists, and charts. But those of us who are not Excel wizards, turns out that there are a number of cool things that we can use this for in everyday life or our work place.

5. Animation

Excel is "capable of more than the eye meets". Animations CAN be done in Excel charts. In fact number of people have done interesting designs and animations.

2. Creating Forms

Whether you want to create an expense form, or a survey or record any kind of information, Excel it the place to do that. It has various drop down menus so you can select your desired field name from the list.

3. Project Management

Every organised project needs that one chart that is clear, concise and keeps the group in the right track. Forget simple pie charts or line bars. Making a grid like the Khan bar has never been easier. No more sticky notes falling of the board, simply use each horizontal lane instead of columns where each row represents a different card. You can even move up and down rows.

5. Seating Plans

Wedding? Conference? Christmas Lunch ? You can easily and efficiently create seating charts in Excel. This article provides detailed steps on how to create it.

5. Quizzes

Pub quiz or exam preparation (hopefully not both at the same time) you can use excel to create a spreadsheet for questions and answers. Also you can protect your answers, and Excel can correct your wrong answers. Here is a great guide to help you create your own quiz.

Here at Civicos we offer a a range of Microsoft Office Excel Training if you are completely new to the game or you would like to brush up on your already existing skills or you want to take your skills to a whole new level.

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