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This is a clasroom course, over one day.

Managing people can be a rewarding but also challenging experience. But quite often, as a manager, you find yourself in a situation where you have to manage not just the situation but also the emotional input of the people involved.

Managed well, these moments can have a positive outcome. But managed poorly or ignored they can be disastrous for staff morale and effectiveness. In this interactive course we look at some tools and techniques that you can adapt to tour own managerial situation. Content includes:

  • Different types of human behavior

  • The stimulus and response mechanism

  • Recognising the warning signs of challenging scenarios

  • Understanding others’ perceptions and expectations

  • Choosing the correct initial response

  • The importance of listening skills

  • Techniques for defusing arguments

  • Keeping calm and confident

  • Giving positive criticism and getting feedback

  • The importance of formal support mechanisms and regular supervision and what to check for

This training is available as in-house or online training for your own staff

We will be happy to arrange a session of this course for up to 12 of your staff, at a time that suits best for you. The costs can be as low as £40 per attendee. For a no-comitments chat contact us on or call 07415 652 522

Managing Difficult Situations .

"Great course! Elaine is really sympathetic and so good at drawing out the underlying human issues that lead to people going into their corners."


Robertson House

152 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4TB

Friday, 20 March 2026

09.30 - 16.30


If you would like to chat with us about a course before booking email us at or call us on 07415 652 522

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