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Finally get to grips with Microsoft Excel!

You will complete this course with the basic skills necessary to create, edit, format and manipulate spreadsheets data. No previous experience of Excel is needed, but attendees should have a basic understanding of PCs, including familiarity with keyboard and mouse.

Course Content

  • Getting Started. In this section, you’ll learn easy techniques that enable you to select Cells, groups of Cells (called Ranges), and  nonadjacent cells.

  • Entering data. The first steps to creating a useful worksheet is entering data. By entering data, you are inputting the information that you want Excel to display, calculate, and store.

  • Creating Simple Formulas. Formulas are nothing to be intimidated by. They are mostly simple instructions to Excel to make some sort of calculation that can then be applied as often as you need it. Here, we take you through some of the basic commands.

  • Revision exercises. Some simple exercises to help you practise      what you have learned so far. With the tutor on hand too help when you are      stuck.

  • Working with Functions. Functions are simply formulas that Excel has already prepared for you. They save typing - and brainpower! We show you how to access and use them.

  • Simple formatting options.  We take you through some simple formatting tricks that can help make your worksheets look and perform better.

  • Build you first spreadsheet. We pull together your new learning to builda simple spreadsheet. A step by step, tutor led session, using data that we supply.

Attendees may bring their own laptop, or work from one of our Surface Pros, supplied on the day.

The course is delivered using our purpose-built Excel booklet, which is yours to keep.

And attendees also have free access to an online Excel helpdesk for six months, where we will be happy to provide online refreshers, or help with any issue you have.

This Excel training can be delivered as an in-house session. 

We will be happy to arrange either an online or a classroom session of this course for up to 12 of your staff, at a time that suits best for you, The cost can be as low as £45 per attendee.

For a no-commitments chat please contact or call us on 07415 652 522

Getting Started in Microsoft Excel - Level One ..

"10 out of 10. Really helpful tutor, and I learned a lot. I'm looking forward to the next level now!"

"I’ve had beginners Excel courses before and none of them met the amount of information and variety of work within this one, I have already recommended the course to my colleagues."


Robertson House, 152 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 4TB

Wednesday, 22 January 2025

09.30 - 16.30


If you would like to chat with us about a course before booking email us at or call us on 07415 652 522

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