Helping with your staff training and development in the 'new normal'

Online training for our new working world, in the age of Covid-19

As 2020 draws nearer to a close, the future of working life is uncertain. The only thing we know for sure is that working practices will be different for the foreseeable future – and perhaps forever.


Civicos Training is one of  the leading providers of Third Sector training in Scotland. As such, we have given much thought as to how we can provide the best possible practical advice and information for organisations trying to get back to some sort of normality.


We have talked over the past months with sector leaders, with staff members, with key funders and with our own trainers, and this has led us to develop a series of online training courses that we think will provide the different sorts of supports that you need.


Our online sessions will each last between two to three and a half hours. Courses that are normally seven hours will run over two half days. We have grouped our online courses under five headings, each covering an important aspect of the Covid-19 experience. Over the coming months we will use these headings to build more and more online courses:

The New Normal: Mental and Physical Wellbeing

The New Normal: The Practicalities of Returning to Work

The New Normal: Working with Clients

The New Normal: Working Together

The New Normal: What Have We Learned?

Our courses are offered as open sessions (where anyone can sign up) so that you can share the learning and share experiences with people from different organisations.


We also offer most of the courses as a bespoke session for your own organisation, where up to twelve of your staff can come together to take part in the learning.


Simply click on any course title to find out more.

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About Civicos Training and Communications

Set up in 2016 as a not-for-profit social enterprise, Civicos Training and Communications is already the largest provider of vocational training to third sector organisations in Scotland. We host over one hundred vocational courses each year, in everything from managerial skills to finance, to Health & Safety and first aid

Helping you to stretch your training budget
Our aim is to deliver the best possible training experience, at a lower cost to other training providers. And we are always up for a deal! We'll be very happy to discuss block-booking discounts with you, or talk you through our in-house training service, where you can have up to 12 staff trained, online or, if regulations allow, at a venue of your own choice, at a great per-head cost.


We also offer a free, no-commitments Training Needs Analysis service, where we will meet with you to discuss how we can help you to stretch your training budget as far as possible.

Specialists in public relations and communications

Civicos is more than just a training company. Our team has over thirty years’ experience of public relations and communications work, and we are available to help your organisation to polish its image and get its message out.

Our clients to date have included Glasgow City Council and the National Health Service, as well as around a dozen third-sector charities and not-for-profits. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with clients every the step of the way, to ensure that they get the final product that they need.

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Public Relations and Communication

Civicos has thirty years experience of public relations and communication work and we are available to help your organisation to polish your  image and get your message across.

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Web Design and Social Media 

Civicos can help  you to write all of the 'copy' for your new website, and then build the actual site for you.  We'll also help you to maintain your new site, and train your staff in its different functions, if needed. 

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Training Needs Analysis

FREE from Civicos:


A Training Needs Analysis report for your organisation

Find out your staff training needs – and save £££s on cost. We will be delighted to perform a FREE, absolutely no-commitment Training Needs Analysis for your organisation.