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This course runs online, via Zoom, over two half days

Wed 27 October 9.30am - 12.30pm

Thu 28 October 9.30am - 12.30pm

This course is a tutor-led session over two half days that will help your understanding of your own mental health – how to monitor it and ways to try to improve it.

What are the factors that contribute to mental health problems? What signs and symptoms should you be aware of - in yourself and in others? What help is available for mental health problems? And how can you self-help? Course content includes:

Mental health Awareness

What are the physical signs of poor mental wellbeing? A tutor-led discussion. to help identify the main areas of work life and personal that you feel affect your physical and mental wellbeing. Why do we all have mental health peaks and troughs? What are the usual triggers? Why is there a stigma to something that affects us all? What is good mental health, and why is it important?

We look too at how the Covid crisis has affected all of us, in obvious ways, but also in ways that have chipped away at our social instincts and our self-confidence. Why is Covid and lockdown having such a detrimental effect on our mental health?

Monitoring your own mental health

Working on the things that we can make changes to and how to accept the ones that we can’t change.

We also look at sources of professional help such as NHS, charity groups, workplace counselling, internal structures such as HR, the trades unions etc

Lifestyle and nutrition

How good physical health protects our immune system and has a positive effect on our mental health.

Temptations through Covid – a general discussion on comfort eating and drinking and exercise patterns. How do we have an enjoyable but healthy diet and lifestyle through lockdown?

We look at alcohol and use comfort foods and how we use them in times of stress and pressure.

And we talk through good nutrition, with an emphasis on general wellbeing. Using nutrition as a preventative measure and for increased physical and mental wellbeing.

Tools and tips for beating stress

A look at stress (short and long term) and how it affects both physical and mental wellbeing. Followed by some simple methods that can be used at any time to feel more relaxed and in control. We introduce the practice of Mindfulness techniques for prevention and management of mental health issues in your home life and in the workplace

Mindful in life, at home and at work. Some simple Mindfulness techniques for prevention and management of mental health issues in workplace

Resilient You: Tips and hints to cope when you have that wobbly moment in the day.

Our Trainer

Elaine Crosbie has three decades’ experience working in adult education with community learning and development, health improvement and mental health training.

She is a qualified Scottish Mental Health First Aid trainer and her specialist area of work is developing and delivering mental health and wellbeing programmes.

This training is available as in-house online training for your own staff

We will be happy to arrange an online session of this course for up to 12 of your staff, at a time that suits best for you. The costs can be as low as £40 per attendee. For a no-comitments chat contact us on or call 07415 652 522

Managing Mental Health Wellbeing in the Age of Covid

"This course with Elaine was a breath of fresh air - it was so good to share my thoughts with others and to realise that there are ways to make this year better."

"The information was invaluable and very important for me just now during covid. The sessions were well structured and the trainer very very good"

"The course was very beneficial; the tutor also paid attention to each and every detail and opinion during the sessions" 

This course runs online, via Zoom, over two half days

Wed 27 and Thu 28 October 9.30am - 12.30pm

Wed 27 October 9.30am - 12.30pm


Online, using Zoom

Sunday, 1 October 2023

09.30 - 12.30 both sessions (27 and 28 October)


If you would like to chat with us about a course before booking email us at or call us on 07415 652 522

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