Coaching Skills for Great Managers:

Who is your best manager ever?


Whether it is your current boss, or someone you still recall fondly after thirty years, it is a safe bet that they had a light managerial touch. Checked in on your progress and your needs, but didn’t fuss over every detail. Asked the right questions, but also let you talk and contribute, worried about your personal development, gave clear guidelines and explained why things were needed.

These managers – the ones who let us fly and who help us to ‘own’ our work – act more like concerned colleagues than traditional ‘just do it’ bosses. And study after study shows that they create happier and more productive working environments.

Over the last two decades, the techniques of the best managers have been studied and codified under the generic term Coaching Skills.


In this one-day course, we look at some of the best of Coaching Skills:.

  • Understanding the different things that drives different people.

  • Finding ways to make each person’s work meaningful to them. Providing real, regular and two-way feedback.

  • Having coaching conversations – about work needs, real and imagined fears, personal growth, colleagues behaviours.



"It was very helpful to hear different approaches and experiences to realise that what  I am experiencing is not individual but something others deal with too.Very good tools and questions to take back to my management practice"

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