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Hi - if you are browsing our website in late July 2021, can you note that we are currently building our new programme, which is slightly delayed as we are waiting for confirmation of dates from our training venue, post Covid. So the dates posted here for this course are holding dates, so that we can get started on updating the web. 

All other information is correct, exept for the dates. If you are interested in the course, do get in touch and we'll let you know just as soon as we have the actual dates - . Alternatively, please just check back to the site in early August, when things should be resolved and actual dates are in place. Thanks for your patience!

Microsoft Word Intermediate Level

You will leave this course with the skills to perform advance formatting on Word documents, ,amipulte charts and images . Previous, if basic, experience of Word is necessary to get the best from the course.

Course Content


  • Show and hide the navigation ribbon

  • Use the ribbon to quickly get to different sections of your document.

  • Search within your document.

  • Use multiple windows

Advanced formatting options

  • Adjusting page orientation and layout

  • Shading and borders

  • Setting line and paragraph spacing

  • Changing styles

  • Paragraph marks and other formatting marks

  • Editing PDF documents in Word

  • Inserting symbols and special characters,

Insert and manipulate tables

  • Format and modify tables, convert text to a table.

  • Add images, position and resize.

  • Wrapping text around images and using borders and effects.

  • Controlling page appearance, including border, colours, headers and footers, page layout,

Using images in Word

  • Insert graph and graphic objects

  • Add images, position and resize.

  • Wrapping text around images and using borders and effects.

  • Insert images into a Microsoft Word document.

  • Place and size images in a Microsoft Word document.

  • Wrap text around images.

  • Adjust the look and feel of images.

  • Add borders and effects to images.

More formatting options

  • Working with Columns

  • Set the print size

  • Split text into multiple columns.

  • Add page breaks.

  • To add section breaks.

Sharing your document

  • Track and Trace document changes

  • Online collaboration

All attendees also have free access to an online Word helpdesk for six months, where we will be happy to provide online refreshers, or help with any issue you have.


This Word training can be delivered as an in-house session. 

We will be happy to arrange an online session of either course for up to 12 of your staff, at a time that suits best for you. 

For a no-commitments chat please contact or call us on 07415 652 522

3. Microsoft Word Intermediate Level

"Very good training. Clear and consise direction, and the instruction booklet really helps"


Robertson House, 152 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 4TB

Wednesday, 2 April 2025

09.30 - 16.30


If you would like to chat with us about a course before booking email us at or call us on 07415 652 522

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